Pre-Need Programs

SecurChoice™ Trust & Insurance Pre-need Programs

“SecurChoice™ is funeral planning and funding before the need arises.”         
SecurChoice™ is a pre-need funeral funding program whereby licensed Pennsylvania funeral directors utilize a bank trust, with PNC Bank as Trustee, or an insurance policy, issued by Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company, to fund prearranged funerals for families they serve. It assures the consumer of complete funeral arrangements, so their family members won’t have to make all those decisions.

Even the program marketing name SecurChoice™ says that arranging a funeral before the need arises is a sensible and responsible plan. Funeral planning reflects the consumer’s precise desires...type of services, a casket, a burial vault, cremation and so on. The consumer makes choices which determines the cost.

SecurChoice™ Pre-need Trust

More than 512 funeral homes have pre-need accounts with this trust program which began operation 33 years ago.  Funeral directors are offered 10 investment options, which include a money market fund, 7 or 8 mutual funds and an annuity.  The Individual Trust Agreement and the Statement of Goods and Services forms are easy to use.  All checks are made payable to PNC Bank. See more details at SecurChoice™ Trust Program.

SecurChoice™ Pre-need Insurance – Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company

Funeral Directors must have an insurance license to use the insurance products to fund pre-need contracts and receive commissions paid by Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company, rated A-, by A.M. Best Company. Again, only two simple forms are used to complete the contract. See more details at SecurChoice™ Insurance Program

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