Our History

The primary emphasis of Unichoice™ is the administration of the SecurChoice™ pre-need trust and insurance programs. In addition to the pre-need programs, Unichoice™ offers brochures, books, forms, the Family Service program (a funeral follow-up program), a post funeral follow-up program, property and casualty insurance and other funeral related products and services. Since its inception in 1998 Unichoice™ has paid more than $1 million in dividends to participating funeral homes.

The Unichoice™ Cooperative, Inc. (Unichoice™) began operation on January 1, 1998, replacing Pennsylvania Funeral Services Corporation (PFSC), a for-profit company to provide administration and marketing of products and services to funeral directors.

The board of directors and officers of Unichoice™ are made up of PFDA District Governors and Officers.  The advantage of Unichoice™, a “true cooperative”, is that it can provide dividends for all or a portion of the profits back to the funeral homes that were using the products and services, before payment of taxes.

The Unichoice™ Mission

To provide products and services to support funeral homes in their service to the community.


“SecurChoice™ is funeral planning and funding before the need arises.”

SecurChoice™ is a pre-need funeral funding program whereby licensed Pennsylvania funeral directors utilize a bank trust, with PNC Bank as Trustee, or an insurance policy, issued by Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company, to fund pre-arranged funerals for families they serve.

It assures the consumer of complete funeral arrangements, so their family members won’t have to make all those decisions. Funeral planning reflects the consumer’s precise desires...type of services, a casket, a burial vault, cremation, etc.